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Take Action with Real-time Intervention Data

Kiddom delivers early warnings to educators, families and students, empowering every member of the learning community to take action to support learning.

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Spend Less Time Collecting Data, and More Time Acting on It

By aligning curriculum to instruction, Kiddom offers live visibility into both student performance and instructional data. We provide real-time data in a format that’s useful to every stakeholder, ensuring that intervention happens on multiple levels, and a web of support is created around students.


Skills-Based Reports:

See classwide reports, and drill down into performance against individual skills and standards.

With instant visibility into mastery levels, Kiddom teachers have the data they need to assess progress, and create individual learning paths.


Progress Report and Clear Next Steps:

Students have a clear view of skills and standards where mastery was achieved, as well as areas requiring further development.

With an understanding of progress, and a path forward outlined in Kiddom, students are empowered to take ownership over their learning.


On-Demand View of Student Performance

Family members assess student progress right from their phone, with a snapshot of overall standing, and the status of assignments.

Parents are proactively engaged to support the good work happening in classrooms.


School Performance and Instructional Trends

See trends across classes, and drill down to see which units, lessons, and activities are driving student outcomes.

Finally admins are able to make data-informed resource decisions, from choosing the right content for coaching and professional development sessions, to purchasing intervention materials.

Early Warning System Resources

Get the data you need to ensure intervention happens at exactly the right time.

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