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Kiddom + Core Knowledge Language Arts

Top-rated sixth-grade language arts curriculum delivered in a platform so teachers can personalize, deliver, assess, and streamline learning.

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Knowledge-Based Grade 6 Language Arts Curriculum in a Flexible Digital Platform

The Core KnowledgeFoundation is dedicated to advancing excellence and equity in education for all students. Their new 6th grade Langauge Arts curriculum is available in the Kiddom platform.


CKLA: Core Knowledge Language Arts Curriculum
6th Grade

Knowledge-based curriculum
Includes a wide variety of resources and readings in each unit

Curriculum design to support equity and inclusion

Bring CKLA to Life in Kiddom

Curriculum Management

The Core Knowledge curriculum includes a wide variety of materials for each unit. Managing these resources becomes easier when using Kiddom’s curriculum tab where teachers can access and manage descriptions, teaching tools, assessments, and more for each unit.

Communication Tools

Kiddom’s communication tools – chat, groups, and the Kiddom Live integration – gives teachers digital and asynchronous options for the “Turn & Talk” and “Think, Pair, Share” activities featured in the curriculum.

Student Bookmarks

Core Knowledge encourages students to use resources, or provide unit specific reference materials. Kiddom’s Student Bookmarks lets students easily tag and refer back to these materials.

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