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Lesson Launch

Empower teachers with simplified workflows, easy lesson planning, real-time progress monitoring, and interactive lesson tools.

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Save time

Give Teachers More Time Back

With all-in-one tools for lesson planning and instruction in one place, Lesson Launch enables teachers to spend less time planning and preparing and more time teaching.

Classroom engagement

Increase Classroom Engagement

Reduce switching costs and increase student engagement by running the entire lesson from a single screen. Students and teachers alike can stay in Kiddom for the whole lesson with all of the tools and activities right at their fingertips.

Real-time progress

See Student Progress in Real-Time

Educators can easily monitor student progress in real-time and check for understanding to make data-driven adjustments to lessons and pacing while increasing lesson effectiveness and impact.

With Lesson Launch, you are going through your lesson and if you want to see your students and what they are working on, you just click on the assignment and the kids have access to it and they can start working on it, like you would hand out a worksheet

Susan RawlingsDistrict Elementary Coordinator, Rutherford School District

I was very impressed with Lesson Launch… it's a game changer for instruction.

Susan RawlingsDistrict Elementary Coordinator, Rutherford School District

Seamless instruction

Powerful Synchronous Learning

By bringing curriculum, lesson planning, delivery, and instruction together in a single tool Lesson Launch allows for a seamless classroom experience that powers learning.

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