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Better Curriculum Navigation

All of your curricula are searchable, structured, and easily editable for easy navigation and seamless customization.

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Kiddom has made collaboration a huge time saver. There are no books to carry around, there’s no trying to connect across multiple books, we can plan whether people are in-person or virtual.

Susan RawlingsDistrict Elementary Coordinator, Rutherford School District

It’s not a PDF, it’s all live documents, so if I need to go and change something, I change it. If I make something and my ELA team needs to add more, take away, change. It’s so easy.

Susan RawlingsDistrict Elementary Coordinator, Rutherford School District

Find resources

Enhanced Search

Find specific lessons, content, and keywords within Kiddom’s digitized curriculum library. Easily plan lessons, adjust instruction on the fly, or find additional resources as needed.

Easy access

Table of Contents

Rather than endlessly flipping through pages or thumbing through indexes, navigate to specific sections with a single click. Kiddom ensures that all content is easily accessible.

All-in-one hub

Your Hub for Lesson Planning & Delivery

In Kiddom, everything for one lesson is available on one screen: lesson objectives, learning outcomes, presentations, assessments, and lesson scripts.

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