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Support teacher autonomy and student ownership

Empower teachers with technology that adapts to their pedagogy, and provides students pathways for individualized instruction.

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A Hub for Teaching and Learning

Save teachers time on lesson planning, and improve student outcomes
with technology that enables personalized learning paths.

Empower teachers and learners in five steps:

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Find or Build Lesson Plans and Assessments

Choose from 70,000 standards-aligned resources in the Kiddom Content Library, or use our tools to build your own.

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Assign Resources to Students

Assign resources, provide guidelines and instructions, and enable students to resolve questions via online chat.

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Measure Performance Against Skills and Standards

View real-time student performance reports at the class-level, or drill down to see progress against individual skills and standards.

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Find and Close Achievement Gaps

Send resources to a single student or a group of students to begin the remediation process.

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Partner with Students and Families

Give students a clear understanding of their progress and outline next steps, and engage parents with on-demand data available via their mobile device.

Kiddom Personalized Learning

Search Content Library

Gain access to 70,000+ standards-aligned resources

Build Lessons and Assessments

Build the perfect content right in Kiddom

Assign to Students

Find, assign, and grade, all in one place

View Mastery Levels

See real-time reports at the class or skill level

Personalize Learning

Empower each student with clear direction

Engage Families

Provide access to real-time performance data

“The reports are wonderful to provide quick feedback to individualize student learning.”

Ms. ResslerTeacher

Personalized Learning Resources

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