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Digital Curriculum for Schools and Districts

Helping schools and districts close achievement gaps with high-quality digital curriculum on a flexible platform for teaching and learning, in any environment.

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Kiddom partners with the highest-quality curriculum publishers, who are top-rated by EdReports and committed to equity. Choose what's best for your learning community.

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Love the curriculum you use? Bring it to life in the Kiddom Education Platform.

Bring Your Curriculum to Life With Kiddom

The Kiddom Education Platform transforms static curriculum PDFs into dynamic digital curriculum that is easy to manage, share, and personalize in fun and engaging ways.


With Kiddom, it's easier than ever to access, navigate, and collaborate on your curriculum. Targets and objectives are always clear for administrators, teachers, and students.

alignment and personalization


Standards can be followed through curriculum (where they are set) to instruction (how they are taught) to assessment (how students performed) to bring the full picture to life.



Rather than having to start from scratch, teachers can contextualize the exact content written in the curriculum to create interactive assignments that work best for their classrooms.



Curriculum supports live in the same platform where skill mastery dashboards show which students need more support and enrichment. Teachers can also use Kiddom's vetted content library to find additional resources by skill.



With Kiddom, teachers and students have so many options for creating and completing assignments, including multiple choice, written response, video/audio, drawing on a graph, or communicating through live stream or chat.


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