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Your Digital Hub for Sharing and Managing Curriculum

Say goodbye to curriculum trapped in PDFs, on desktops, or buried in Drives. Put everything in one place and easily share standards-aligned curriculum schoolwide.

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Centralize Curriculum and Connect it to Instruction

Connect curriculum to every day instruction, and view student performance data in real-time to see what’s working.

Manage Curriculum and Instruction in Kiddom in Five Easy Steps

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Build or Import Digital Curriculum

Ready to save money on textbooks and digitize your curriculum? With Kiddom, you can share third party curriculum or build your own.

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Share Scope and Sequence with Teachers

Create equitable learning experiences with a common starting point. Align standards, set scope and sequence, and share directly with teachers.

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Foster Teacher Autonomy

We trust teachers know what will resonate with their students. Empower teachers with the ability to customize lesson plans and assessments and share best practices with peers.

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View Real-Time Reports

Monitor student performance live to see which lessons, units and activities are driving student outcomes and where intervention is needed.

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Ensure Instructional Rigor

Spot schoolwide trends and see metrics on curriculum usage. Provide teachers with targeted feedback with views of instructional and student outcome data.

Kiddom Curriculum Management

Create Digital Hub
Centralize curriculum in one place

Import or Build Curriculum
Share digital curriculum or build your own

Set Scope and Sequence
Provide a common starting point for teachers

Share with Teachers
Align to standards and share schoolwide

Capture Teacher Input
Empower teachers to personalize for their class

View Real-time Reports
Monitor student performance live

"My real strong interest in Kiddom came from the fact that we could take things that we were already using and put it all in one place. We love having a tool that's robust and helps us to achieve the results that we want."

Dr. Antoinette C. DendtlerFounder & Head of School, ECO Charter School

Curriculum Management Resources

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