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Black History Month Themed Teaching Playlists

These Black History Month themed lesson plans will help students of all ages celebrate and learn black history in a unique and interdisciplinary way, focusing on infamous people and historical events that aren’t taught often in schools.

With this playlist of blended resources, inspire students to think critically about how their own actions can contribute to a more equitable future.

Using artwork from Romare Bearden, students will gain a perspective of its historical context while crafting their own narratives with their imaginations.

Madam C.J. Walker and Annie Turnbo Malone ignited the market for black hair care. These women will revolutionize your lesson plan for math.

This interdisciplinary playlist contains resources to help students understand the historical significance of the transatlantic slave trade’s Middle Passage.

These resources will help you share the rise and fall of early black meccas like Oklahoma’s Black Wall Street and New York City’s Seneca Village.

Teach students about the medical importance of Henrietta Lacks’s cell research, while touching on other themes.