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Blended Learning at Marshall County School District

Piloting Kiddom to implement blended learning instructional models

Over the last three years, the Marshall County Department of Education has shifted focus from curricula centered around improving achievement on standardized tests to building a cohesive K-12 curricula and integrating technology in order to drive personalization and student-centered learning.

Superintendent Trent Lovett explains, “While standardized testing has its place in education, the Marshall County School System realizes that a student’s standardized test score does not determine the success of that student beyond graduation.” School-level staff were also demanding change in the district; the pressures of standardized testing were damaging classroom environments and school culture.

There are three major elements of their classroom that bring this student-centered vision to life: flexible use of classroom space, standards-based grading, and intentional use of technology to support personalized, blended learning.

In these dynamic classrooms, personalization doesn’t mean only using technology; rather, it means individualization of assignment content, format or media, length of time allowed, and other differentiated supports.

Problems of Practice

  • How can technology enhance lesson plans that involve true personalization for all students in a blended learning classroom?
  • How does technology support pedagogy that builds student self-advocacy?