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Engage Online Students

Staying connected remotely or in-class is simple and fun with Kiddom’s new distance learning tools.

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Stay Connected With Kiddom’s New Distance Learning Tools

Kiddom now offers a full suite of tools for teachers and students to stay connected and engaged in any learning scenario.

Three Ways to Connect & Engage With Remote Students

Connect Anywhere

With Kiddom, teachers and students have everything they need to stay connected in real-time or at their own
pace – on the same platform they use in class.

Give Students Ownership to Work at Their Own Pace

Keep students engaged in-class or remotely, with the ability to:


  • Record audio or video to complete assignments without ever leaving the same platform they use in class.
  • View expected assignments in their Timeline and complete them at their own pace.
  • Chat with teachers directly or while commenting on specific assignments when additional help is needed.

Connect With Students in Real-Time

Keep students feeling that in-class connection when you upgrade to Kiddom Live:

  • Join smaller student groups via live chat for a more manageable experience full of classmate interaction.
  • Attend a virtual real-time class from the announcement board, and be notified when a session has started.
  • Chat in real-time with 1:1 video capabilities.

Connect Any Way

Kiddom offers teachers and students a variety of choices to connect with each other in order to maintain the
routines and processes that provide stability and connection virtually.

Teachers Have a Variety of Ways to Connect With Students

When chatting, creating assignments, and commenting on assignments, teachers can:


  • Record audio and video instructions and feedback without having to leave the platform.
  • Send existing audio, video, and image files as attachments to instructions or feedback around specific assignments.
  • Host virtual classroom sessions (1:1, group, full class) via audio, video, and screen share calls when you upgrade to Kiddom Live.

Students Have a Variety of Choices to Express Themselves

When chatting, submitting assignments, and commenting on assignments, students can:

  • Record audio and video to complete assignments or leave comments on assignments.
  • Submit existing audio, video, and image files as attachments to assignments or on feedback around specific assignments.
  • Attend virtual classroom sessions 1:1, by group, and entire class when you upgrade to Kiddom Live.

Connect Everyone

Kiddom’s new tools allow for flexibility of instruction by allowing students to connect with students one on one, in small groups, or as a full class.

Maintain Routines of 1:1 Connectivity

Students and teachers can engage through:

  • 1:1 Chat – 1:1 message chat with attachable video, audio, images & links.
  • 1:1 Assignments – leave feedback directly on an individual student’s assignment.
  • Kiddom Live (Upgrade Required) – Host a live 1:1 session that can be started from the chat or student roster.

Keep Blended Learning Going, Even at a Distance

Teachers can connect with small groups via:

  • Group Chat – (Moderated) group chat with attachable video, audio, images & links.
  • Group Discussions – leave feedback directly on a group discussion.
  • Kiddom Live (Upgrade Required) – Host virtual group sessions – meet your students at a time that works best for them.

Remote Classroom Management Just Got a Lot Easier

Teachers can reach their entire class via:


  • Class Announcement Feed – the class will receive email notifications along with each announcement.
  • Class Assignments – teachers can send audio and video assignments to the entire class.
  • Audio & Visual Commenting – directly within assignments to alleviate confusion around specific assignments.

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