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Discovery Learning at South Marshall Elementary

Shifting planning and instruction to personalized curriculum that supports student choice and voice

In Marshall County, Kentucky, teachers have embarked on a journey to shift the focus of planning and instruction from standardized testing to personalized curriculum that supports student choice and voice.

To make this change, four teachers at South Marshall Elementary (SME) school have focused on using technology, including Kiddom, to ensure that students can become curious and resourceful adult learners, not just good test-takers.

There are three major elements of their classroom that bring this student-centered vision to life: flexible use of classroom space, standards-based grading, and intentional use of technology to support personalized, blended learning. In these dynamic classrooms, personalization doesn’t mean only using technology; rather, it means individualization of assignment content, format or media, length of time allowed, and other differentiated supports.

Problems of Practice

  • How can technology enhance lesson plans that involve true personalization for all students in a blended learning classroom?
  • How does technology support pedagogy that builds student self-advocacy?