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Getting Started with Kiddom

Getting Started with Kiddom

Welcome to Kiddom! We know that learning a new tool takes time, and we are here to help. In this guide, you’ll find resources walking you through the basics of the Kiddom platform, from navigating your digital curriculum to planning daily activities.

Ready to start using Kiddom in your classroom?

Level up your Kiddom skills with our advanced features. The resources below will help you engage more deeply with the curriculum and unlock new insights.

Creating Your Classes in Kiddom

If your school / district syncs with your student information system (SIS), your classes and students will be populated for you. If not, Kiddom allows you to create classes and add students.

Assignment Planner

The Kiddom Planner allows you to view assignments and schedule student-facing activities. From here, you can view what has been assigned to students and click into an assignment to begin grading. This page also provides a quick link to the curriculum activities, assessments, and presentations.

Analyzing Reports

Tracking data is an essential part of a teacher’s job. Kiddom makes it easier to see how your students are progressing so that you can plan and prepare more effectively.

Monitor Student Progress in Real-Time

Through Kiddom’s Lesson Launch tool, teachers can push assignments directly to student screens and monitor their responses in real-time. 

Communicating with Students

Sharing feedback with students is an important part of the learning process. Kiddom provides a few ways to communicate with the entire class or individual students. 

Navigating the Open Up Resources EL Education Curriculum Resources

For teachers using the EL Curriculum, there are several Kiddom-created resources that we recommend reviewing as your plan for your daily lessons.

Groups & Collaborators

In Kiddom, you have the option to create small groups and, in some cases, add co-teachers. Not sure if your account allows for co-teachers? Contact for assistance.

Curriculum Management

Kiddom’s Curriculum Management capabilities bring dynamic curriculum personalizations to life across classrooms. 


Join us for a live training webinar as you prepare for the new school year, or view one of our recorded training videos to get started on your own time.

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