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Everything you need to know about the new Kiddom + Fishtank Learning digital math curriculum partnership.

Kiddom worked first-hand with teachers and administrators last spring as teaching and learning were turned upside down. One thing that the pandemic has made clear to our team, as well as the educators we’ve worked with, is that the future of education relies on learning materials that are both high-quality and flexible.

As part of our commitment to support educators in securing this vision, we are thrilled to announce another curriculum partnership – Fishtank Learning’s highly-rated, student-centered curriculum is now available in the flexible Kiddom platform.

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Why Kiddom is Excited to Offer the Fishtank Learning Curriculum

Fishtank Learning’s curriculum has some key central themes:

  • Students should be active participants in their own learning and construction of knowledge,
  • Teachers are the experts in their classroom and know how to best achieve desired learning outcomes, and
  • Thoughtfully and clearly connecting standards to curriculum make personalization more efficient and effective.

When the Kiddom team first started digging into the Fishtank Learning curriculum, it was obvious – this was a curriculum that needed to be brought to life digitally in the Kiddom platform.

Not only does Fishtank Learning share many of Kiddom’s values (more on this below), but there are so many areas where Kiddom’s features could enhance the intended curriculum experience for educators and students. We are so excited to get this powerful pair into the hands of teachers, via pilot, this spring!


How Kiddom and Fishtank Learning Work Together

Let’s dive into some of those areas where together, Kiddom and Fishtank Learning can support better teaching and learning experiences from the curriculum.


1. Student Ownership of Learning

Fishtank’s curriculum drives learning by giving students problems that will spark their interest, encourage discussion, ask them to make new connections between concepts, and maybe even offer more than one avenue to a solution.

In every lesson, students are asked to communicate about their mathematical thinking, as a way to help solidify their learning and to give teachers more inputs as they check for understanding.


Giving students options for how to communicate was core to the suite of communication tools Kiddom launched in 2020 in response to the need for distance learning in the wake of the pandemic.

Students can now easily submit answers via traditional written response, verbally through embedded audio recording, or by capturing and uploading a video. Similarly, teachers can provide feedback in written, audio, or video form, and discussions and feedback can be given directly within the assignments.

Additionally, the Kiddom platform has designed student-friendly standards reports to give clarity to the exact skills which have been mastered or need more development, equipping students to take ownership of the exact target areas to improve.


2. Teachers are the Experts

Both Fishtank’s curriculum and Kiddom’s digital curriculum management platform have a common philosophy – that teachers are the experts in their classroom and know their students, teaching style, and desired outcomes best.

As such, Fishtank’s curriculum doesn’t script lessons, and instead offers flexible supports for teachers that allow them to confidently teach the content.

Kiddom gives teachers the opportunity to contextualize curriculum to meet the specific needs of their classroom by allowing teachers to edit the curriculum, adjust pacing or assignments, and differentiate with supplemental resources or examples. This is especially helpful for schools and districts who require more flexibility for hybrid and distance learning schedules.

Kiddom also gives teachers the opportunity to personalize learning to meet the needs of individual students in a variety of ways, including directly from the but more on that below! 


3. The Power of Standards

Fishtank’s curriculum was built from scratch to ensure the right vertical and horizontal alignments to the Common Core State Standards—and has received perfect scores from EdReports for alignment to standards.

Every lesson, assignment, and assessment is clearly tagged with its corresponding standard, making data analysis with Kiddom’s powerful reporting tool a snap.

And when students need remediation or enrichment, Kiddom’s extensive curated supplemental content library allows teachers to pull in additional vetted content, further personalizing the learning experience.

High-quality curriculum is one of the most powerful tools we can bring into our classrooms. And this last year has shown us that these materials need to be able to be seamlessly deployed in any learning environment. We’re excited to offer another great curriculum option that can come to life on the Kiddom platform.

If you’re interested in bringing Kiddom and Fishtank Learning to your school, speak with School and District Partnerships today by clicking the big red button below.

Kiddom seamlessly connects the most critical aspects of teaching and learning on one platform.

For the first time, educators can share and manage digital curriculum, differentiate instruction, and assess student work in one place. Learners can take assessments online, see student performance data with the click of a button, and teachers have the insight and tools they need to create individual learning paths.


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