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Express Yourself!

Celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month for Grades K-2

From the day they’re born, we encourage kids to (figuratively) paint the walls around them with imaginative stories—just as long as they’re wearing the patterns and colors they were assigned at birth. Kids learn how to form their own tastes long before they learn to say the words ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ So why limit them to a choice between trucks or dolls? This playlist explores gender expression and inclusivity with interactive classroom resources and videos that represent a wide range of perspectives. Invite your students to start looking at the clothing aisle through a broader lens, and to stretch the meaning of the word ‘normal.’

And Tango Makes Three | Michael’s Storytime

Once upon a time there were two penguins named Silo and Roy who built a family together. This endearing picture book by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell is based on a true story of two male penguins being housed at the Central Park zoo who were observed attempting to tend to a rock as if it were an egg. When zookeepers gave them an egg that they feared another penguin pair might be unable to successfully hatch, Silo and Roy went on to become proud papa penguins to Tango. This is an age-appropriate way to discuss diverse family structures and heighten awareness around non-traditional family units.

Teaching Tolerance features a similar story of penguins Z and Vielpunkt. Students can hear this short story read aloud and then answer the questions provided here.

A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo | Welcoming Schools

This phenomenal lesson plan helps students discuss themes that arise in the book A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo. This story celebrates diverse families and relationships to show that love is love no matter the configuration. Although this book isn’t available online, we think the lesson plan is meaningful enough to warrant adding a copy to your classroom library. Also, Welcoming Schools is offering teachers the opportunity to order the book for the price of shipping while supplies last if you go to this link.

Learning Our LGBTs | Queer Kid Stuff

Get a lesson in acronyms while learning about what the letters in LGBTQ mean. Host Lindsay and her sidekick Teddy have a bunch of great videos for young kids to learn about gender identity, disabilities, and privilege so check out their YouTube channel if you enjoy this video.

Blow The Whistle on Name Calling | GLSEN

If you’re working with K-2 students, you know that it’s never to early to discuss bullying and name-calling, especially when it pertains to identity. This lesson plan allows for students to reflect on the effects of name-calling and take part in activities that embrace individuality and personal choice. The final activity can be modified to have students practice using one another’s preferred pronouns.

He, She, They?! | Queer Kid Stuff

Boys can’t wear dresses! Can they? Of course they can! Lindsay and Teddy explain the basics of gender identity, gender expression, and pronoun usage, in a way that is accessible for young children.

Expressing Myself. My Way | AMAZE Org

Impressionable young minds receive gendered messages from the media, their peers and the world around them every day, informing how they choose to express their unique identities. This music video invites students to explore gender expression by looking at how people use fashion to show the world where they fall on the gender spectrum.

Which Outfit? | Teaching Tolerance*

This activity page from the Gender Now coloring book, allows for students to explore how they use clothing as a representation of their gender.

We Are All Human Beings | Welcoming Schools

This gender lesson highlights the commonalities between all human beings and identifies gender stereotypes and gender expectations from different cultures throughout history.

There’s No Such Thing… | Teaching Tolerance*

This simple activity allows for students to practice a verbal response to the suggestion that a certain clothing item, hairstyle or behavior is a boy or girl thing. They’ll practice saying, “There’s no such thing as boys’ or girls’ _____” in response to various scenarios.

Eboni Hogan

Content Specialist

Eboni has extensive experience in curriculum development, with a focus on culturally-responsive and arts-based approaches. Having spent years creating academic content and providing professional development to teachers, she now curates themed playlists meant to provide educators with valuable, time-saving resources.

Teacher Resources

What Does Gay Mean? | Welcoming Schools Tips on how to navigate these kinds of discussions with younger students through direct and clear communication.

6-12 Year Olds Talk About Gays and Lesbians | Teaching Tolerance There’s no such thing as too young to discuss identity and sexual orientation. This video proves they’re already formulating ideas and sharing information amongst themselves.

Mimi’s Mom | Teaching Tolerance Engaging with LGBT parents

Rainbow Book List: Books for Children & Teens | 

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