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Monster Mash

Learn about zom-bees and their parasitic pilots with these “Monster Mash” themed teaching resources.

Haunted House: Misfortune | PBS Learning Media

Bat, Mummy, and Werewolf show students why it’s important to read through until the end of a sentence.

( ELA Standards: SL.1.6 SL.2.6 SL.3.6 )

Send in the Trolls | PBS Kids

In this fun interactive, students look at a handsome crew of trolls and make predictions about which troll has the middle height, before placing all of them in order from shortest to tallest. Requires Flashplayer.

( Math Standards : K.MD.1 K.MD.2 )

Vampires: Folklore, Fantasy & Fact | TEDEd

These mythical bloodsuckers have been stalking our imaginations since prehistoric times. But how did we go from the vampires of ancient lore to the popular image we associate with them today?

( Social Studies )

Math Monsters |

Each of these math games follow the same format. Answer multiple choice questions correctly before earning bonus points by rounding up the ghouls, goblins and ghosts.

Math Monsters – Rounding

Math Monsters – Volume, Mass & Time

Math Monsters – Division

Math Monsters – Multi-Digit Numbers

( Math Standards : 3.NBT.1 3.NBT.A1 3.MD.1 4.NBT.6 5.NBT.1 )icon-lap

Where Do You Go in a Zombie Apocalypse? | TEDEd

Geography skills could be lifesaving in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Are your students prepared?
( Social Studies Literacy Standard : RH.6-8.4 )

Attack of the Zombie Parasites | PBS Learning Media

Take a look at some examples of mind controlling parasites that have the power to turn bees into zom-bees.

( Science Standards : MS-LS1-1 MS-LS1-2 MS-LS3-1 )

The Terrors of Sleep Paralysis | TEDEd

It’s a real-life phenomenon that has affected countless people spanning across generations and cultures. Invite your students into the creepy world of sleep paralysis and read about the various ghouls and goblins that inhabit the waking nightmares of these unfortunate souls.

( Science Literacy Standards : RST.11-12.7 RST.11-12.9 )

The Waking Nightmare of Sleep Paralysis | The Guardian

Learn more about what triggers sleep paralysis and hear personal anecdotes from those who’ve experienced it first hand.

( Science Literacy Standards : RST.11-12.7 RST.11-12.9 )

Eboni Hogan

Content Specialist

Eboni has extensive experience in curriculum development, with a focus on culturally-responsive and arts-based approaches. Having spent years creating academic content and providing professional development to teachers, she now curates themed playlists meant to provide educators with valuable, time-saving resources.

Resources for K-5

Students will come to understand the science of fear and gain strategies for managing their own jitters.

Resources for K-5

Students will come to understand the science of fear and gain strategies for managing their own jitters.

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