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Digital Curriculum + Kiddom for Schools & Districts

With high-quality curriculum in a ready-to-use, dynamic digital format by the provider of your choice.

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Kiddom for Schools
& Districts

For schools and districts seeking to add any curriculum of their choice via the Curriculum Builder.

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  • Illustrative Mathematics K-12
  • OpenSciEd 6-8
  • Core Knowledge Language Arts Grade 6
open up resources
  • EL Education K-8 ELA Curriculum
  • Open Up Resources K-12 Math Curriculum

Choose Additional Features

Kiddom Live

  • Host whole class, small group, and 1:1 live virtual sessions
  • A full suite of moderation tools keeps everyone on task and engaged

Lesson Launch

  • Launch presentations during live class
  • Record and save lessons to the content library
  • Classroom command center for synchronous and asynchronous learning

SIS & LMS Integrations

  • Integrate with LTIs that are v1.0, 1.1, and 1.3 compliant; students can complete assignments within the LMS using Kiddom UI
  • Supports integration with SIS that support OneRoster 1.1 with push and pull data capabilities

The Kiddom Platform


  • Manage curriculum scope and sequence
  • Edit curriculum as needed – timing, enrichment, cultural relevance
  • Align curriculum to national or other standards
  • View curriculum usage and efficacy


  • Assign and grade classwork
  • Create personalized learning by assigning remediation and enrichment to mastery groups
  • Augment lessons using the verified lesson materials in the Kiddom content library


  • Administrators can access real-time school-wide student data
  • Teachers can access and act on real-time class data
  • Students can view their own progress and next steps
  • Parents can view progress on-demand through the Kiddom Family App


  • Class-level Announcements act as a central communication hub for the class
  • Provide assignment feedback via text, audio, or video
  • Students can submit text, photos, audio, and video
  • Chat allows for 1:1 and small group conversation