Three options to create a digital hub, and improve outcomes through student-centric learning

Kiddom Classroom

Free for Teachers

For teachers who want to save time on lesson planning and give students more autonomy.

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Kiddom Education Platform

For schools and districts who want to share digital curriculum and enable personalized, data-driven instruction.

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Digital Curriculum + Kiddom Education Platform

Includes Open Up Resources Curriculum

For schools and districts seeking to adopt OUR curriculum and access rich real-time student performance reports.

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Compare by Feature

Kiddom Classroom

Free for Teachers

Kiddom Classroom

Kiddom Education Platform

Kiddom Platform

Digital Curriculum + Kiddom Education Platform

Digital Curriculum + Kiddom Platform

Open Up Resources Digital CurriculumOUR Digital Curriculum

EL Education K-8 ELATop rated on EdReports

Open Up Resources 6-8 MathTop rated on EdReports

Manage Curriculum

Build Standards-Aligned CurriculumCreate a digital hub to house curriculum and connect it to instruction

Share with TeachersSet scope and sequence to provide a common starting point

Capture Teacher InputEmpower teachers to amend and personalize for their class

View Curriculum Usage and Efficacy

Personalize Learning

Search K-12 Content LibraryAccess 70,000+ standards-aligned supplemental resources

Build Lesson Plans

Assign and Grade

View Student Progress ReportsView progress against skills and standards

Group Students by Mastery

Early Warning Data

Real-Time School-Wide DataView curriculum usage and efficacy, live student performance, and instructional data

Students View Progress and Next StepsClear view of progress against skills and standards

Families View Progress On-DemandView the status of assignments and a snapshot of overall standing

Available across devicesStudents and teachers can use computers, tablets, and phones via our iOS, Android, and web apps.

Kiddom ClassroomFree for Teachers

Kiddom Education Platform

Digital Curriculum + Kiddom Education Platform

Implementation Services for Kiddom Education Platform


With an efficient onboarding program, we ensure your learning community is set up for success regardless of where you are in your mission to support students academically, socially, and professionally.


All of our customers gain access to Kiddom’s On-Demand PD, a self-serve training portal packed with resources to help educators learn and master Kiddom at their own pace.


Every school and district gets a dedicated Kiddom Success Manager who offers ongoing support throughout every phase of your journey. Should your goals change, we adopt our approach based on what you need.


Our supports are multi-channel: from check-ins with your dedicated Kiddom Success Manager, to our online Help Desk and Help Chat. We’re obsessed with overdelivering and delighting our community.