Colorado Science Standards — Grade 3

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Analyze and interpret observations about matter as it freezes and melts, and boils and condenses (DOK 1-2)


Use evidence to develop a scientific explanation around how heating and cooling affects states of matter (DOK 1-3)


Identify the state of any sample of matter (DOK 1)


Use evidence to develop a scientific explanation regarding the stages of how organisms develop and change over time (DOK 1-3)


Analyze and interpret data to generate evidence that different organisms develop differently over time (DOK 1- 2)


Use a variety of media to collect and analyze data regarding how organisms develop (DOK 1-2)


Investigate and identify two or more ways that Earths materials can be broken down and/or combined in different ways such as minerals into rocks, rock cycle, formation of soil, and sand (DOK 1-2)


Use evidence to develop a scientific explanation about one or more processes that break down and/or combine Earth materials (DOK 1-3)


Utilize a variety of media sources to collect and analyze data around Earths materials and the processes by which they are formed (DOK 1-2)