Idaho State Standards for Social Studies — Grade 4

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4.Goal 1.1

Build an understanding of the cultural and social development of the United States.

4.Goal 1.2

Trace the role of migration and immigration of people in the development of the United States.

4.Goal 1.3

Identify the role of American Indians in the development of the United States.

4.Goal 1.4

Analyze the political, social, and economic responses to industrialization and technological innovations in the development of the United States.

4.Goal 1.5

Trace the role of exploration and expansion in the development of the United States.

4.Goal 1.6

Explain the rise of human civilization.

4.Goal 1.7

Trace how natural resources and technological advances have shaped human civilization.

4.Goal 1.8

Build an understanding of the cultural and social development of human civilization.

4.Goal 1.9

Identify the role of religion in the development of human civilization.

4.Goal 2.1

Analyze the spatial organizations of people, places and environment on the earths surface.

4.Goal 2.2

Explain how human actions modify the physical environment and how physical systems affect human activity and living conditions.

4.Goal 2.3

Trace the migration and settlement of human populations on the earths surface.

4.Goal 2.4

Analyze the human and physical characteristics of different places and regions.

4.Goal 2.5

Explain how geography enables people to comprehend the relationships between people, places, and environments over time.

4.Goal 3.1

Explain basic economic concepts.

4.Goal 3.2

Identify different influences on economic systems.

4.Goal 3.3

Analyze the different types of economic institutions.

4.Goal 3.4

Explain the concepts of good personal finance.

4.Goal 4.1

: Build an understanding of the foundational principles of the American political system.

4.Goal 4.2

Build an understanding of the organization and formation of the American system of government.

4.Goal 4.3

Build an understanding that all people in the United States have rights and assume responsibilities.

4.Goal 4.4

Build an understanding of the evolution of democracy.

4.Goal 4.5

Build an understanding of comparative government

4.Goal 5.1

Build an understanding of multiple perspectives and global interdependence.


Describe ways that cultural groups influenced and impacted each other.


Explain the role of missionaries in the development of Idaho.


Identify the major groups and significant individuals and their motives in the western expansion and settlement in Idaho.


Describe the role of the discovery of gold and other minerals in the settlement of Idaho.


Analyze and describe the immigrant experience in Idaho


Analyze and describe how the westward expansion impacted the American Indians in Idaho.


Identify American Indian tribes in Idaho: Coeur dAlene, Kootenai, Shoshone-Bannock, Nez Perce, and Shoshone-Paiute Tribes and current reservation boundaries.


Discuss that although there are five federally recognized tribes in Idaho, there are many others in the state.


Identify characteristics of American Indian tribes and other cultural groups in Idaho.


Compare and contrast how Idaho American Indian life today differs from the life of these same groups many years ago.


Identify how American Indian tribes in Idaho governed themselves.


Describe American Indian cultural materials and their use in everyday life.


Identify current issues related to American Indians in present day Idaho.


Use geographic skills to collect, analyze, interpret, and communicate data


Show on a map of the world the continents, oceans, landforms, poles, hemispheres, equator, and prime meridian.


Use a number/letter grid to find specific locations on a map of Idaho.


Describe the physical regions of Idaho and identify major natural resources.


Analyze past and present settlement patterns in Idaho.


Discuss the impact of settlement in Idaho on American Indian tribal lands, such as aboriginal and/or ceded territories, and the Treaties of 1855 and 1863.


Identify the geographic features of Idaho and explain their impact on settlement


Compare and contrast: city/suburb/town, urban/rural, farm/factory, and agriculture/industry


Compare how American Indians and early settlers met their basic needs of food, shelter and water.


Explain the concepts of supply and demand and scarcity.


Explain the concepts of specialization and division of labor.


Identify goods and services in early Idaho settlements.


Explain the concept of public and private property in the development of Idaho


Describe examples of technological innovations in relation to economic growth in Idaho.


Describe how geographic features of Idaho have determined the economic base of Idahos regions


Define entrepreneurship and identify reasons for starting a business.


Identify the people and groups who make, apply, and enforce laws within state and tribal governments.


Explain that rules and laws can be used to protect rights, provide benefits, and assign responsibilities.


Explain the significance of Idaho symbols.


Describe the difference between state, local, and tribal governments.


Identify and explain the basic functions of state and tribal governments.


Identify the three branches of state government and explain the major responsibilities of each.


Discuss current governmental organization of American Indian tribes in Idaho.


Name elected state representatives at the legislative and executive branches.


Explain ways to contact elected state representatives


Identify ways people can monitor and influence the decisions and actions of their state and tribal governments


Discuss the concepts of popular consent, respect for the individual, equality of opportunity, and personal liberty


Analyze the roles and relationships of diverse groups of people from various parts of the world who have contributed to Idahos cultural heritage and impacted the states history.


Discuss the challenges experienced by people from various cultural, racial, and religious groups that settled in Idaho from various parts of the world.


Identify Idahos role in the global economy