Idaho State Standards for Social Studies — Grade K

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K.Goal 1.1

Build an understanding of the cultural and social development of the United States.

K.Goal 1.2

Trace the role of migration and immigration of people in the development of the United States.

K.Goal 1.3

Identify the role of American Indians in the development of the United States.

K.Goal 1.4

Analyze the political, social, and economic responses to industrialization and technological innovations in the development of the United States.

K.Goal 1.5

Trace the role of exploration and expansion in the development of the United States.

K.Goal 1.6

Explain the rise of human civilization.

K.Goal 1.7

Trace how natural resources and technological advances have shaped human civilization.

K.Goal 1.8

Build an understanding of the cultural and social development of human civilization.

K.Goal 1.9

Identify the role of religion in the development of human civilization

K.Goal 2.1

Analyze the spatial organizations of people, places, and environment on the earths surface.

K.Goal 2.2

Explain how human actions modify the physical environment and how physical systems affect human activity and living conditions.

K.Goal 2.3

Trace the migration and settlement of human populations on the earths surface

K.Goal 2.4

Analyze the human and physical characteristics of different places and regions.

K.Goal 2.5

Explain how geography enables people to comprehend the relationships between people, places, and environments over time.

K.Goal 3.1

Explain basic economic concepts

K.Goal 3.2

Identify different influences on economic systems.

K.Goal 3.3

Analyze the different types of economic institutions.

K.Goal 3.4

Explain the concepts of good personal finance.

K.Goal 4.1

Build an understanding of the foundational principles of the American political system.

K.Goal 4.2

Build an understanding of the organization and formation of the American system of government.

K.Goal 4.3:

Build an understanding that all people in the United States have rights and assume responsibilities.

K.Goal 4.4

Build an understanding of the evolution of democracy.

K.Goal 4.5

Build an understanding of comparative government.

K.Goal 5.1

Build an understanding of multiple perspectives and global interdependence.


Share stories, pictures, and music of ones own personal life, family and culture.


Describe how families celebrate in many different ways.


Describe how individuals have similarities and differences.


Describe how each person is special and unique within the classroom


Identify the globe as a model of the earth.


Distinguish between land masses and water on a globe or map


Identify the north and south poles on a map or globe


Recognize a map of the United States of America and know it is the country in which we live


Make and use a map of a familiar area.


Observe that all people have needs and wants.


Recognize that people have limited resources.


Describe some jobs that people do to earn money.


Name some rules and the reasons for them.


Discuss how groups make decisions and solve problems.


Identify personal traits, such as courage, honesty, and responsibility.


Identify symbols of the United States such as the flag, Pledge of Allegiance, Bald Eagle, red, white, and blue.


Recite the Pledge of Allegiance


Describe holidays and tell why they are commemorated in the United States, such as Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Independence Day, and Presidents Day


Identify individuals who are helpful to people in their everyday lives.


Identify ways to be helpful to family and school.


Name family traditions that came to America from other parts of the world