Tennessee Science Curriculum Framework (2012) — Grade 1

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GLE 0107.1.1

Recognize that living things have parts that work together.

GLE 0107.1.2

Use tools to examine major body parts and plant structures.

GLE 0107.10.1

Investigate the effect of the sun on land, water, and air.

GLE 0107.11.1

Investigate how forces (push, pull) can move an object or change its direction.

GLE 0107.12.1

Investigate materials that are attracted to magnets.

GLE 0107.2.1

Distinguish between living and non-living things in an environment.

GLE 0107.3.1

Recognize that plants and animals are living things that grow and change over time.

GLE 0107.4.1

Observe and illustrate the life cycle of animals.

GLE 0107.4.2

Describe ways in which animals closely resemble their parents.

GLE 0107.5.1

Investigate how plants and animals can be grouped according to their habitats.

GLE 0107.5.2

Recognize that some organisms which formerly lived are no longer found on earth.

GLE 0107.6.1

Compare and describe features of the day and night sky.

GLE 0107.6.2

Realize that the sun can only be seen during the day, while the moon can be seen at night and sometimes during the day.

GLE 0107.7.1

Realize that water, rocks, soil, living organisms, and man-made objects make up the earths surface.

GLE 0107.7.2

Classify earth materials according to their physical properties.

GLE 0107.8.1

Gather and interpret daily weather data.

GLE 0107.9.1

Classify objects according to their physical properties.

GLE 0107.9.2

Distinguish between the properties of solids and liquids.

GLE 0107.9.3

Predict the changes that may occur when different materials are mixed.

GLE 0107.Inq.1

Observe the world of familiar objects using the senses and tools.

GLE 0107.Inq.2

Ask questions, make logical predictions, plan investigations, and represent data.

GLE 0107.Inq.3

Explain the data from an investigation.

GLE 0107.T/E.1

Recognize that both natural materials and human-made tools have specific characteristics that determine their use.

GLE 0107.T/E.2

Apply engineering design and creative thinking to solve practical problems.