Tennessee Science Curriculum Framework (2012) — Grade 2

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GLE 0207.1.1

Recognize that plants and animals are made up of smaller parts and use food, water, and air to survive.

GLE 0207.10.1

Explain why the sun is the primary source of the earths energy

GLE 0207.11.1

Investigate how vibrating objects produce sound.

GLE 0207.11.2

Classify sounds according to their loudness and pitch.

GLE 0207.12.1

Experiment with magnets to determine that objects can move without being touched.

GLE 0207.12.2

Realize that things fall toward the ground unless something holds them up.

GLE 0207.2.1

Investigate the habitats of different kinds of local plants and animals.

GLE 0207.2.2

Investigate living things found in different places.

GLE 0207.2.3

Identify basic ways that plants and animals depend on each other. de

GLE 0207.3.1

Recognize that animals eat plants or other animals for food.

GLE 0207.4.1

Compare the life cycles of various organisms.

GLE 0207.4.2

Realize that parents pass along physical characteristics to their offspring.

GLE 0207.5.1

Investigate the relationship between an animals characteristics and the features of the environment where it lives.

GLE 0207.5.2

Draw conclusions from fossils about organisms that lived in the past.

GLE 0207.6.1

Realize that the sun is our nearest star and that its position in the sky appears to change.

GLE 0207.6.2

Make observations of changes in the moons appearance over time.

GLE 0207.7.1

Compare and record the components of a variety of soil types.

GLE 0207.7.2

Describe rocks according to their origin, size, shape, texture, and color.

GLE 0207.7.3

Differentiate between renewable and nonrenewable resources.

GLE 0207.8.1

Associate temperature patterns with seasonal changes.

GLE 0207.9.1

Use tools to observe the physical properties of objects.

GLE 0207.9.2

Investigate how temperature changes affect the state of matter.

GLE 0207.9.3

Recognize that air takes up space.

GLE 0207.Inq.1

Observe the world of familiar objects using the senses and tools.

GLE 0207.Inq.2

Ask questions, make logical predictions, plan investigations, and represent data.

GLE 0207.Inq.3

Explain the data from an investigation.

GLE 0207.T/E.1

Recognize that both natural materials and human-made tools have specific characteristics that determine their uses.

GLE 0207.T/E.2

Apply engineering design and creative thinking to solve practical problems.