Oklahoma English Language Arts Learning Standards — Grade 3

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Phonetic Analysis - Apply knowledge of phonetic analysis to decode unknown words


Interpreting Information - The student will analyze and evaluate information from a variety of sources. a. Begin the research process by selecting a topic, formulating questions, and identifying key words. b. Locate, organize, and synthesize information from a variety of print and nonprint and technological resources (e.g., dictionaries, reference books, atlases, magazines, informational texts, thesaurus, and technology/Internet). c. Compile information into summaries of information. d. Use test-taking strategies by answering different levels of questions, such as open-ended, literal, and interpretive, as well as multiple choice, true/false, and short answer.


Listen to, view, or read stories which tell of characters in American and other cultures.


Sentence Structure: The student will demonstrate appropriate sentence structure in writing. a. Correctly write the four basic kinds of sentences (declarative, exclamatory, imperative, and interrogative) with terminal puncutation. b. Begin to use simple, compound, and complex sentences appropriately in writing.


Use punctuation cues (e.g., final punctuation, commas, quotation marks) in text with appropriate phrasing as a guide to understanding meaning.


Publish and present writing to peers or adults.


Write narratives that: a. provide a context within which an action occurs. b. include details that develop the plot. c. provide a clear beginning, middle, and end that includes details that develop around a central idea.


Use descriptive language such as action verbs, vivid adjectives, and adverbs to make writing interesting.