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Pop Rocks

This playlist is bubbling over with great resources for teaching your students about the structure of volcanoes and their role in geology. By the end of this playlist, they’ll understand how such destruction makes way for startling changes to the earth’s surface and new life.

Bill Nye, the Science Guy: Volcanoes | ClassHook

Baking soda volcanoes can’t possibly capture the grandeur of a real volcano. In this clip, our favorite science guy describes different types of volcanoes and their impact on the earth’s geography.

A World Without Volcanoes | DKFindOut!

The effects of volcanoes can be devastating but this video explains what would happen if we lived in a world without volcanoes. Explore the benefits of these dangerous land features.

Dinosaur Train – Eruption! | PBS Learning Media

Although this playlist is aligned with standards for Grade 2, we’d still like to include some resources that are appropriate for younger grades. In this clip from Dinosaur Train, the Pteranodon family learns what volcanoes are, why they erupt and the effects of those eruptions.

What is a Volcano? | Newsela

This article provides a basic overview of what causes a volcanic eruption and some bonus facts about volcanoes on other planets

A Volcano Erupts | ReadWorks*

If you’re looking for a lower-level reading option, check out this article from ReadWorks.

Volcanic Eruption Interactive Diagram | Discovery Education

Lead students through the phases of a volcanic eruption with this interactive illustration. Requires Flash Player to run.

Exploding Volcano Mini-Book | Scholastic

In this creative activity, students make a flap book and observe what happens when a volcano explodes.

Changes to the Earth’s Surface (Volcanic Eruptions) | iXL*

Use this interactive as a way to review or assess comprehension. This interactive quiz includes questions that allow for students to analyze an image before answering questions and following up with related fun facts, making it a great way to explore the topic or review what students have learned.

Volcano Facts Infographic | NatGeoKids

Just when they thought they knew everything there was to know about volcanoes, hit them with this colorful infographic full of fascinating facts. Did you know that when the Anak Krakatau volcano erupted in 1883, it generated the loudest sound reported in history?! A portion of that same volcano recently collapsed, triggering a tsunami on December 22 that devastated the coastlines of Java and Sumatra. The BBC has an interesting interactive that shows how the collapse changed the shape of the island. You can find that here.

Extension Activity: Hot Melted Rock Travels Towards a Hawaiian Town | Newsela

Volcanoes aren’t done making their alterations to the earth’s surface. This article tells the story of the active volcano threatening the tiny town of Pahoa and how it affects the lives of its residents.

Extension Activity: Dream Jobs – Volcanologist | Newsela

Volcanologist, Ashley Davies, shares some of his experiences and provides tips for how to land a job in this fascinating field of study.

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