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Curriculum-Aligned Interim Assessments Available for the 2022 School Year Through New Kiddom Partner, CenterPoint

The best way to measure student performance is a long-debated topic, made even more relevant as teachers try to address the unfinished learning from 2020 and 2021.  With a variety of high quality curriculum options available in the Kiddom platform, our attention naturally turned next to assessments. In alignment with our mission to unlock potential for all teachers and learners, we asked ourselves how we could provide solutions for schools and districts that would alleviate the pressures associated with choosing, delivering, and using assessments. 


Introducing: Curriculum-Aligned Interim Assessments from CenterPoint

Kiddom is thrilled to announce our partnership with CenterPoint Education Solutions.  CenterPoint’s curriculum-aligned assessments for EL Education K-8 (curriculum published by Open Up Resources) and Illustrative Mathematics will be available in the Kiddom platform for the 2022-2023 school year. 


Why does having curriculum-aligned assessments matter?

When districts choose assessments that are not specifically aligned to the curriculum in use (ie. general grade-level assessments), students can end up being assessed on content that may or may not have already been taught in class. This is a frustrating experience for students who are being asked questions on unfamiliar topics, or in a different vocabulary/context than has been presented in the classroom. Additionally, teachers have to do a lot more decoding of assessment results to get to actionable data.  Curriculum-aligned assessments ensure that assessment results are a true measure of student understanding of what’s been taught in class and that teachers can use the results data, immediately, to inform classroom instruction. 


Why is Kiddom excited to partner with CenterPoint?

The CenterPoint team has years of expertise in developing a variety of assessments to measure grade-level standards, using question types that are similar in rigor and task to state summative assessments. In short, we believe in the quality of what they’ve offered, agree on the importance of taking a curriculum-aligned approach to assessments, and are aligned on their organizational mission that all learners – particularly our most vulnerable – can excel. 


Why does having assessments in Kiddom matter?

  • Convenient, streamlined experience: Teachers can now administer the CenterPoint assessments in the same platform they are already using for daily curriculum management and teaching, directly linking the assessments to progress towards learning standards and student mastery. Students can now take assessments in the same familiar environments where they are accustomed to working, which can help to reduce test anxiety and errors common with learning a new tool or platform. 
  • Real-time results: With Kiddom’s auto-grading functionality, students don’t have to wait to see their results, giving them more agency over their learning journey and educators more control over instructional strategy.
  • Personalized support for students: Kiddom provides many ways to personalize support for a diverse range of student capabilities, allowing teachers to differentiate learning and prioritize equity in classroom instruction and assessment.


Are you ready to talk about how adding assessments to Kiddom can work for your school or district?  Contact your Kiddom Customer Success Manager, or schedule a call below.

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