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Digital Curriculum is Here to Stay

Last winter, we surveyed nearly 450 educators on their transition to digital curriculum. Shortly after the results came in, digital curriculum became more of a necessity than an option: the COVID-19 outbreak caused schools across the country to shut down. 

Since then, schools everywhere have had to pivot from traditional learning to distanced scenarios. In order to remain effective and mobile, administrators have had to decide which artifacts of traditional instruction they should keep, which they should update, and which they should throw away. 

Traditionally, curriculum has lived in paper files or cloud drives, making it accessible to future teachers and learners, but not adaptable. At its best, a digital curriculum allows you to edit and contextualize instruction based on student performance, cultural relevance, or personal teaching and learning styles. And with the ability to plan and distribute curriculum alongside assessment data, going digital opens up a world of possibilities not previously thought possible with print curricula.

If or when school goes back to “normal,” will digital curriculum become a mainstay? We think yes. That’s why we’re excited to announce a forthcoming online event from Kiddom: Digital Curriculum is Here to Stay

On Saturday, January 30th, join us for a virtual summit on digital curriculum. As part of this free event, you will be able to connect with educators that have already made the transition to digital curriculum, and learn from digital curriculum thought leaders. You will also be able to preview curricula for different subjects and hear from educators that are using them in the classroom. 

We’ll kick off the morning with a talk show session between two digital curriculum educators and our very own CAO. Then, we’ll have a meet and greet session for all attendees to get to know one another, and discuss trends in digital curriculum across the nation. 

For sessions 3-5, you can choose either the Curriculum Track, which introduces you to different digital curriculum providers available in Kiddom, or the Platform Track, which is full of tutorials for making the most of Kiddom. Lastly, at 2pm ET, we’ll come back together for a brief word from a digital curriculum thought leader. You don’t want to miss it!

Kiddom seamlessly connects the most critical aspects of teaching and learning on one platform.

For the first time, educators can share and manage digital curriculum, differentiate instruction, and assess student work in one platform with integrated tools for communication.

Thinking about bringing Kiddom to your school or district?

Connect with us in a 15-minute meeting to learn more about available pre-packaged curriculum by Open Up Resources, and how the Kiddom education platform can support your learning community.

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What People Are Saying

“Kiddom is great for assessing data and then assigning appropriate work based on individual student performance. I love that it's very easy to attach standards and rubric to every assignment.”

Jackie Curts, Middle School Teacher

“Using Kiddom has made me stop and ask, ‘Am I just letting this student repeat what they already know, or am I really challenging them?’”

Ann Leghorn, High School Literacy Specialist

“I can see where my class and any student is at any moment in their educational journey. This way, I can take action to assist them to work towards mastery.”

Mr. Albrecht, High School Teacher