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Resources for District Leaders

Explore our free resources below or book a 15m demo to learn how Kiddom helps leaders like you build collaborative, student-centered school communities.

What Does Innovative District Leadership Look Like?

Understanding the evolution of educational technology, and where it’s going next.

Trusting those on the frontlines to choose the best tools for their classrooms.

Building buy-in to new initiatives and preventing change fatigue.

District Leadership Articles

Curriculum & InstructionCurriculum ManagementFeatured Posts
February 23, 2024

5 Things You Need in a K-12 Science Curriculum

Zack Cronin Zack is the Content Marketing Manager at Kiddom. Dare we say it? Amongst K-12 curriculum, science stands out…
How to use Digital CurriculumCurriculum & InstructionCurriculum ManagementFeatured Posts
February 15, 2024

The Key Elements of High-Quality Digital Curricula

Zack Cronin Zack is the Content Marketing Manager at Kiddom. In the vast and ever-shifting landscape of education, selecting the…
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February 15, 2024

Custom State Curriculum Finds A Home With Kiddom: Louisiana’s New K-8 Social Studies Solution, Bayou Bridges

Zack Cronin Zack is the Content Marketing Manager at Kiddom. Feb 15, 2024 - San Francisco, CA - Kiddom, a…

Advice for First Year School Leaders

In her first year at a new school, AP Whitney Green shares advice for other school leaders who are new to the job or in their first year at a new location.Leadership skills are...


Behind the Scenes: Rebuilding the Classroom Experience in Kiddom

Get a sneak peek of the new classroom experience in Kiddom and hear from the Head of Design and colleagues on decisions behind the rebuild.


Hear From 1361 Educators on the State of Curriculum in 2021: Report

In our second annual report, Kiddom compared pre- and post-pandemic survey data to gain an understanding of the current state of curriculum.


Kiddom Announces Series C Funding

Abbas Manjee is Chief Academic Officer at Kiddom. Before Kiddom, Abbas taught high school math serving at-risk youth in New York City. Today marks an exciting day for the Kiddom...


Choosing the Right Digital ELA Curriculum for Your Learning Community: 4 Considerations

Four considerations to help committees evaluate potential English Language Arts curriculum and determine its suitability for their districts.

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