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Engage Young Distance Learners With K-2 Read Aloud Videos by EL Education

K-2 Read Aloud Videos EL Education in Kiddom

This week, we are excited to announce that Read Aloud Videos are now available within Kiddom as a supplement to the K-2 EL Education curriculum. Each video is aligned to its associated unit for easy access.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • Engaging Young Distance Learners
  • About the K-2 Read Aloud Videos by EL Education
  • What K-2 Read Aloud Videos Are Available?
  • Where to Find Your K-2 Read Aloud Videos in Kiddom

We’ve heard from many that distance learning is proving to be especially challenging for our youngest learners, so today we want to talk about some handy new features within Kiddom that can help bring your EL Education curriculum to life, even at a distance.


Zoom Out: What is EL Education?

Last year, Kiddom partnered with the curriculum publisher Open Up Resources to offer top-rated digital curriculum. EL Education is the creator behind one such top-rated curricula now available through the partnership.

This year, EL Education created a series of K-2 Read Aloud Videos in effort to help teachers engage young distance learners who are using their curriculum. You can read more about EL Education in last week’s post on another supplemental feature to the EL Education curriculum.

Engaging Young Distance Learners

Kiddom features many ways to keep younger learners engaged through blended, hybrid, or distance learning. In fact, we’ll be releasing a guide next week to cover them all. But here we’ll cover a few helpful tips to apply within context of the K-2 EL Education curriculum.

1. Audio Response. For young learners practicing sounds, you can pair a letter or word visual with an Audio Response activity, which will ask students to record audio for their answers. One music teacher on Twitter recently shared how he used Kiddom in his music class and loved hearing his students sing verses:

2. Multiple Choice with Visuals. For students who are learning their letters or learning how to count, teachers can create a Multiple Choice with Visuals activity. For this sort of activity, you can easily set up autograding so that students’ reports are updated as soon as they complete their work. Or, if you’d rather not create the activities yourself, read on to learn about embedding activities from your favorite provider!

3. Streamline the Experience. Kiddom allows teachers to embed media within assignments so students and parents don’t have to suffer from Too-Many-Tabs fatigue.

If you are using supplemental content that provides an embed code (YouTube, NearPod, etc.), you can enter that code into Kiddom for a streamlined experience for those accessing from their desktop:

4. New! K-2 Read Aloud Videos. And finally, a new way to engage young learners is through the new K-2 Read Aloud Videos, which you will find at the end of each Unit within your EL Education curriculum in Kiddom.

Students can follow along with the narrator by following the highlighted lines as they are being read.


About the K-2 Read Aloud Videos

Young learners can struggle with reading content during at-home lessons. As developing reading skills are often a key objective, the ability to read lessons should not stand in the way of learning lessons.

EL Education created this series of Read Aloud Videos to support K-2 teachers who are teaching remotely due to COVID-19. These videos were specifically created for Modules 1-3 of the Flex Curriculum, which can be directly translated to the non-flex version of the curriculum.

These key readings recorded in a natural human voice with a follow-along marker highlighting the line being read are available directly within Kiddom for teachers to assign – no finding, recording, uploading, or tweaking needed; teachers can simply assign the reading.



Which Read Aloud Videos are Available?

The following titles are available within the Unit level. You can access the video attached near the end of each designated Unit:

Title Grade, Mod, Lessons
Have Fun Molly Lou Melon Penguin Random House title – not available in Kiddom
Lama Lama Time to Share Penguin Random House title – not available in Kiddom
Off to Class 
  • Grade 2, Module 1, Unit 2
  • Grade 2, Module 1, Unit 3
One Hot Summer Day
  • Grade K, Module 2, Unit 2
Stone Girl Bone Girl 
  • Grade 2, Module 2, Unit 1
Summer Sun Risin’ 
  • Grade 1, Module 2, Unit 1
The Important Book
  • Grade 2, Module 1, Unit 3
The Invisible Boy Penguin Random House title – not available in Kiddom
The Little Red Pen
  • Grade 1, Module 1, Unit 2
The Most Magnificent Thing
  • Grade 1, Module 1, Unit 2
  • Grade 1, Module 1, Unit 3
  • Grade 1, Module 1, Unit 1
Toys Galore
  • Grade K, Module 1, Unit 2
Weather Words and What they Mean
  • Grade K, Module 2, Unit 1
What Makes Day and Night
  • Grade 1, Module 2, Unit 2

Where to Find the Read Aloud Videos in Kiddom

The K-2 Read Aloud Videos are in the Unit level of your curriculum within Kiddom. As a reminder, the curriculum hierarchy in Kiddom is as follows:

Grades > Modules > Units > Lessons

The Read Aloud Videos will be located in a section near the very end of the Unit – as a reminder, not every Unit comes with a Read Aloud Video. The list above covers the Units that do, so we recommend checking the list for your Unit as Step One. If you are in a Unit that comes with the video, scroll to the bottom of the Unit, and you will see the Read Aloud Video in its own section, like so:

From there, you can assign to the entire class, a student group, a mastery group, or select students, after adding your own instruction and/or additional activities around the assignment, like so:

And that’s it for this edition of Kiddom’s New Teacher Features! We hope you’re just as excited about these videos as we are to share them with you. If you’re interested in bringing Kiddom to your school or district, you can request a demo by clicking the big red button below.

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