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The Future Voter's Manual

Everything students need to know about the voting process and how they can make their voices heard, even before they’re old enough to enter the polling booth.

Steve Carrell – Vote | Sesame Street

Steve Carrell, Abby and Elmo learn about the importance of taking part in the voting process while casting their ballot for what snack they’d like to share.

You Choose: Presley Talks About Voting | PBS Kids

The host of PBS KIDS You Choose series discusses how kids can get involved in important issues that they care about.

Voting Avenue | The Tonight Show

Take a walk down Voting Avenue with Yara Shahidi and Jimmy Fallon, as they sing this Schoolhouse Rock-inspired tune.

The History of Voting

Celebrities like John Legend and Perez Hilton provide an overview of the tumultuous history of voting in America.

Got Ballot? | iCivics

Learn about the typical process of registering to vote and the in’s and out’s of polling sites.

Why Don’t More Americans Vote? | Listenwise*

The upcoming midterms will have a significant impact on the lives of Americans so why have so many chosen not to cast their vote?

How Can We Get More Young People to Vote? | KQED

Considering that there’ll be an estimated 22 million teens eligible to vote by 2020, the question of how to encourage young people to vote is a crucial inquiry.

Election Glossary | iCivics

A glossary of vocabulary words related to voting, government and civic engagement.

Eboni Hogan

Content Specialist

Eboni has extensive experience in curriculum development, with a focus on culturally-responsive and arts-based approaches. Having spent years creating academic content and providing professional development to teachers, she now curates themed playlists meant to provide educators with valuable, time-saving resources.

These resources show how to research the key players and know what’s at stake, taking a close look at what makes midterm elections different from other polling periods.

Choosing the right candidate to represent your needs and uphold your values can be a daunting task. This playlist breaks down the various ways voters can stay informed of each candidate in the race.

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