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How to Vote Responsibly

Choosing the right candidate to represent your needs and uphold your values can be a daunting task. This playlist breaks down the various ways that voters (and future voters!) can keep themselves informed of each candidate in the race.

Cast Your Vote | iCivics

In Cast Your Vote, you choose the questions in a debate, rate their responses, and vote for the candidate of your choice.

Candidate Evaluation | iCivics

Learn the steps that each voter should be taking to evaluate a candidate by engaging in a mock evaluation.

Big {Political} Data |

This webpage outlines the major topics that should be taken into account when evaluating whether a candidate shares a voter’s values. Search by your state to see where other voters stand on critical issues such as the death penalty and gun control.

Political Quiz |

Answer the following questions to see which political parties and candidates you side with.

Eboni Hogan

Content Specialist

Eboni has extensive experience in curriculum development, with a focus on culturally-responsive and arts-based approaches. Having spent years creating academic content and providing professional development to teachers, she now curates themed playlists meant to provide educators with valuable, time-saving resources.

These resources show how to research the key players and know what’s at stake, taking a close look at what makes midterm elections different from other polling periods.

Use these resources to teach students everything they need to know about the voting process and how they can make their voices heard, even before they’re old enough to enter the polling booth.

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