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Targeted Support for Every Educator

Our goal is to build partnerships that succeed not just in numbers and test scores, but in terms of lessons learned from each other, year after year.


Relationship-driven, from onboarding to results

We deliver high-quality, personalized support to each and every Kiddom community, from training to testing and everything in between

Manage Curriculum and Instruction in Kiddom in Five Easy Steps

Step 1 of 4


How will Kiddom support our community in reaching our goals this year?

  • Live trainings and Kiddom On-Demand training webinars
  • Implementation planning checklists and calendars
  • Teacher and student getting started guides

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How does Kiddom support curriculum management, instruction, and assessment?

  • Curriculum development and content resources
  • Classroom activities for goal-setting and progress monitoring
  • Frameworks for monthly PLC meetings

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Is our community making adequate progress towards our goals?

  • Conferencing, data analysis courses and templates
  • Kiddom Brain Trust Events: community problem solving
  • Training and Implementation feedback

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How can Kiddom support me in reflecting and planning for next year?

  • Year-in-Review lesson plans
  • Curriculum reflection tools
  • End of year celebration and educator spotlights

“I appreciate how I can reach somebody rather quickly when there’s an issue.”

Mrs. Hines8th Grade Teacher

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