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A teacher's control center

Plan, assess, and analyze using one app. Cycle between class and individual reports to monitor progress. Share assignments with a class, a group, or an individual student.

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A Library of Teaching Resources

Access a free library of teaching resources to differentiate instruction. Save time by finding and assigning standards-aligned assessments, quizzes, videos, and activities.

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Connects with Google Apps for Education

Teachers can use Kiddom to instantly share Google docs, sheets, and forms with students. Kiddom will even organize your Drive by class and assignment.

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Collaborative teaching

Share classes, curriculum, and track student progress together with your team.

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Student ownership

Empower students with beautiful, actionable reports to track progress and self-advocate.

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Unparalleled support

Get the help you need, when you need it via our support chat or PD consults.

Evaluate and adapt with standards-based grading

Align assignments with national and state standards, including the Common Core, and NGSS. You can even set your own custom standards to more effectively serve the learning goals of your classroom.

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