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A teacher's control center

Detailed reports help you analyze and drive student achievement. All student effort is accounted for, providing you with accurate data to make the next instructional decision.

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Reinvent the wheel, no more

Get access to an endless resource of the best learning content available. Assign, schedule, and manage standards-based quizzes, literature, compelling videos, games, and more.

Teachers works with everything 34f79917cdfbc873e4fc3f831590d37232f78a0a50d59f48ffe4c54789620ffe

Works with just about everything

Sync with many learning management and student information systems you already use. Set-up is super simple to help you save valuable time.

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Direct feedback

Keep students engaged by answering questions and sharing feedback when they need it.

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Custom success criteria

Rubrics give students a clear understanding of how and what they should be working on.

Teachers we handle setup 5c4d5f3f0fa32dc97b71ed19faa575f34c53b00aef6c15a084101b4d3dd29dfc

We handle set-up for you

Import your student rosters with one-click import from Google, Clever, or Excel.

Evaluate and adapt with standards-based grading

Align assignments with national and state standards, including the Common Core, and NGSS. You can even set your own custom standards to more effectively serve the learning goals of your classroom.

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