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The Best of Teacher TikTok, Part 2

By May 21, 2021January 24th, 2024Educator Spotlight, K-12 Teachers, Stories
Feel Good Friday with Teacher TikTok

For this week’s Feel Good Friday post, we bring you more fun Teacher TikTok accounts to follow.

#TeacherTikTok continues to be the very best part of the internet.

So full of educators sharing their classroom experience, tips & tricks, and so much more. Everybody loved The Latest and Greatest on Teacher TikTok so much that we knew we had to do a part 2!

Here’s another batch of our favorites! Consider it guilt-free scrolling; it is, after all, work related:

@Formerlyemoteacher AKA Bucky

Formerlyemoteacher takes station rotation to the next level on days when her students seem burnt out. She gives options for making up missed assignments, getting creative, and expressing gratitude. This feels like it should be an end of year staple!


@formerlyemoteacherhang out with us on our mental health day 🧠 #teachersoftiktok #mentalhealthmatters #fyp #honestteachervibes♬ Say So (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Doja Cat] – Elliot Van Coup

@Mrwilliamsprek AKA Mr. Williams

Mrwilliamsprek (inventor of the “pre-k pause!”) shows an awesome app to bring artwork to life for students of all ages.  Bringing classic works to life with 2021 technology? Sign us up!


@mrwilliamsprekTEACHERS I found us a resource with @reface #fyp #foryou #SpotlightAPI #teachersoftiktok #reface♬ Castaways – The Backyardigans

@Mslangkau AKA Mallory Langkau

Mslangkau lets one of her students to the talking when asked about Teacher Appreciation Week.  (I feel like that student should get some extra credit?)


@mslangkau#fyp #teachersoftiktok #middleschool #teacherappreciation♬ original sound – Mallory Langkau

@Thenewkiddinator AKA Anna

Thenewkiddinator is out here doing the most to make sure that her students are sent off in style at the end of each year! And, she notes, that not everyone has it in them to do the most and provides a bunch of options to make this VIP program as simple or complicated as you like.

@thenewkiddinatorAye @tiktok can you upload my video correctly this time 🙃♬ original sound – Anna

@The_mr_stiner1 AKA Steven Steiner

The_mr_stiner1 shows how his school honors graduates (and gets some free interior design in the process!)

Fun right? 😊 #teachersoftiktok #memories #graduate #bricktok
♬ Awkward Silence – The Elevator Music Jazz Trio

@Mrv_history AKA Mr. Vlahakis

Mrv_history shows off his style and gives me flashbacks to AP US History by creatively communicating how to construct a DBQ response.

#teacher #inspiration #smile #mademyday
♬ original sound – Preston Dronberger

@Chemicalkim AKA “Chemical Kim”

Chemicalkim thinks that you shouldn’t have to choose between a science project and an art project – she has a great activity that does both!

#scienceforkids #learnontitkok #tiktokpartner #tiktokprofessor #tiktokscience #stainedglass
♬ original sound – Chemical Kim

@Theconsicouslee AKA “Conscious Lee”

Theconsicouslee tells his students everyday that, “Education is elevation,” and puts that to good use with an activity having students construct a thesis statement and conduct research about “a hustle” – giving them the foundations for entrepreneurship as high school freshman!

@theconsciouslee9th and 10th grade English about to be lit♬ original sound – Conscious Lee

And Finally, @beard_al!

And, beard_al pulls off perhaps the greatest prank on his students. Ever.

wait to see my student’s reaction. I lost it at the end 😂 #aprilfools #teachersoftiktok #science101 #subway
♬ original sound – Beard Al

Did we miss any Teacher TikTok stars?

Let us know in the comments below and we will add them to the list!

And, as always, happy teaching and learning!

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