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More Distance Learning Webinars by Kiddom + OUR to Help Schools Prepare for Fall

Educator Explaining Kiddom OUR Distance Learning Tools

We hope everyone is staying safe during this time. If your school or district has closed for preventative health-related reasons (or if you suspect it will), we welcome you to leverage Kiddom’s free teacher product and tap our On-Demand Teacher Training Resource. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, classrooms scattered to continue teaching and learning from the safety of their homes. But for many schools and districts, there was a tradeoff between safety and efficacy. According to Edweek Research Center, 75% of teachers report students were less engaged in remote instruction than they were before.

Without a plan to address the inequities caused by remote learning, most educators felt hesitant to enter the summer. Still now, with August only a month away, it’s anyone’s guess as to what most school districts are doing this fall.

Kiddom and Open Up Resources are committed to helping teachers prepare for the 2020-21 school year — no matter where learning takes place. As part of a distance learning bundle and ongoing series of Distance Learning Webinars, we hope to provide highly relevant professional learning to teachers, administrators, and district leaders.

Part one of our series, which took place throughout May-June, is available to watch on-demand here. Or if you prefer highlights, the recaps from two of the more popular webinars are below:

Today we are announcing part two of the series, which takes more of a focus on how schools and districts can prepare for Fall with continuity of learning, regardless of the environment. This time around we have a little something extra – For every educator who attends at least 2 sessions, we will be issuing a PD certification: 

And now, without further ado, we present part two of the Kiddom + OUR distance learning webinar series. We look forward to seeing you there!

Upcoming Distance Learning Webinars by Kiddom + Open Up Resources

1) In-Class, Remote, or Blended: Preparing for what learning might look like this fall 

Wednesday, July 15 at 3pm ET 

Every state has a different reopening plan for their districts this fall, and many of these plans are still subject to change. What can your school or district do to prepare for continuity of learning no matter how or where it takes place — in-class, remote, or blended? Learn more and join the discussion in this webinar.

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2) It Takes a Village: How Co-Teachers, Admins, and Parents Can Collaborate to Remotely Support Students with Kiddom + Open Up Resources 

Wednesday, July 22 at 3pm ET

Remote Learning is new to many of us – how can we strengthen our learning communities by collaborating to support our students… even at a distance? In this webinar we’ll explore the ways different roles (Teacher, Admin/Co-Teacher, Guardian) can support our learners using the Kiddom platform, Open Up Resources curriculum, and other resources.

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3) No More PDFs: What is Digital Curriculum and How Can it Come to Life for Your Students? 

Tuesday, July 28 at 3pm ET

In a curriculum survey conducted before the pandemic we found that many educators associate “digital curriculum” with “PDFs available online”. Post-pandemic, we suspect a perception change has taken place, as a lot of educators are beginning to understand the merits of a truly digital curriculum. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the difference, the merits, and how Kiddom and Open Up Resources have partnered to bring an open digital curriculum to life for your students.

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4) How Kiddom + OUR Schools Are Using the Summer Months for Learning Loss 

Tuesday, August 4 at 3pm ET

Unless you run a virtual school or district, learning loss is undoubtedly an issue you’re dealing with after the pandemic hit our education system this past spring. In this webinar, we discuss the different ways schools are tackling learning loss, and the special way Kiddom + OUR schools have been doing so.

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It is our hope that these sessions provide value to educators during this time. See you there!

Which webinar are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments!

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