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Teaching Inclusivity: LGBTQ Pride Themed Playlists

When it comes to gender identity and sexuality there is no black and white. This month, join us in celebrating the spectrum of humanity with resources that foster inclusivity and respect. Pride Month is a great opportunity to reflect upon how we can create learning environments that embrace diverse voices and address issues that affect LGBT people. All month we’ll be releasing playlists that demonstrate how the history and experiences of LGBT people can seamlessly be incorporated into general curriculum because all students deserve to see themselves reflected in the materials used in the classroom.

It’s never too early to teach inclusivity. Encourage your students to think beyond the gender binary—from clothing to the characters they love on screen.

Defy and redefine gender norms within the classroom. Students will dissect a topic that exists everywhere while hardly ever being discussed.

With an added segment on nonconforming identities, this lesson plan will inspire LGBT inclusivity among students at a pivotal age in their development.

This lesson plan will give high school students the tools they need to have healthy, inclusive conversations about gender and sexuality.

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