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Resources for School Leaders

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What Does Innovative School Leadership Look Like?

Building buy-in to new initiatives and preventing change fatigue.

Helping guardians better understand what their children are learning at school.

Empowering others; Announcing the 12 Star School Leader Award recipients.

School Leadership Articles

Better TogetherCollaborative TeachingEducator SpotlightK-12 AdministratorsPrincipalsResourcesTeacher TipsTeacher VoiceTeaching
March 28, 2022

Teachers SHOULD say “gay”: Supporting LGBTQIA+ students in the crosshairs of anti-identity legislation

Dorothy Kowal Dorothy "Dot" Kowal is the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Sonoma Academy in Santa Rosa, CA…
3-5th Grade TeachersBetter TogetherCurriculum & InstructionK-12 AdministratorsK-12 TeachersK-2nd Grade TeachersKiddom FeaturesMiddle School TeachersPrincipalsTeacher TipsTeaching
March 28, 2022

How to Use Kiddom for Warm-Ups & Exit-Tickets

Jeri Chi Jeri Chi is a former elementary school teacher and mentor. She is passionate about supporting teachers in their…
3-5th Grade TeachersBetter TogetherCollaborative TeachingK-12 AdministratorsK-12 TeachersK-2nd Grade TeachersMiddle School TeachersPrincipalsResourcesTeacher TipsTeaching
February 21, 2022

Morning Meetings in the Classroom

Kaitlin Moore Kaitlin Moore is a former upper elementary school teacher. She's a passionate advocate for teachers and improving social-emotional…
AdministrationBetter TogetherCollaborative TeachingK-12 AdministratorsPrincipalsResourcesTeaching
February 17, 2022

The Other CRT: Culturally Responsive Teaching in the Classroom

Dorothy Kowal Dorothy "Dot" Kowal is the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Sonoma Academy in Santa Rosa, CA…
AdministrationBetter TogetherCollaborative TeachingK-12 AdministratorsPrincipalsProfessional DevelopmentProfessional Development for TeachersResources
January 13, 2022

Advice for Schools Struggling With Teacher Retention

Whitney Green Whitney Green is an assistant principal at Ooltewah Elementary in Hamilton County Schools, Chattanooga, TN. She currently leads…
Two Pieces of a Puzzle, one says Kiddom and the other says Google. Underneath, the words "Better Together" and a Character in the Kiddom illustration style is giving the thumbs up.Better TogetherProduct
August 28, 2020

Kiddom & Google: Better Together

Recently, we've had a lot of questions about how Kiddom can work with Google Classroom or G Suite (Docs, Slides,…

Meet the 2019 Star School Leaders!

PrincipalsStar School LeaderStories
December 27, 2019

Principal Priscilla Salinas: The Lifelong Mentor

At Henry Ford Elementary (TX), teachers, staff, parents, and students alike are brought together and inspired by Principal Priscilla Salinas'…
K-12 TeachersStar School Leader
December 4, 2019

Principal Keith Nemlich: The Thoughtful Leader

As a principal, Mr. Nemlich views technology as a way to open doors that may otherwise be closed to kids…
Blended LearningK-12 AdministratorsStar School LeaderStories
October 25, 2019

Principal Traci O. Filiss: The Technology Pioneer

We spoke with Taos Academy founder & Principal Traci O. Filiss about change management, empowering teachers, and inspiring students to…
K-12 AdministratorsStar School Leader
October 1, 2019

Principal Tamara Jones-Jackson: The Analytical Leader

Principal Tamara Jones-Jackson sees teaching as a relationship: “You’ll never be able to get through to anyone if you don’t…
Featured PostsInstructional TechnologyK-12 AdministratorsK-12 TeachersStar School LeaderStoriesSuperintendent and District
September 8, 2019

Principal Pam Gildersleeve-Hernandez: The Collaborative Leader

Former Principal & Superintendent Pam Gildersleeve-Hernandez has had a lengthy career of advocating for teachers and using technology to enhance…
K-12 AdministratorsStar School Leader
July 18, 2019

Principal Corey Crochet: The Lifelong Learner

Principal Corey Crochet’s passion for learning has followed him from school yards to construction sites and back again. Read about…

Tips for Planning Post-Pandemic Summer PD Sessions

Educational Advisor Jennifer Wolfe shares tips to engage teachers and utilize newfound skills in summer Professional Development sessions.


Advice for First Year School Leaders

In her first year at a new school, AP Whitney Green shares advice for other school leaders who are new to the job or in their first year at a new location.Leadership skills are...


Implementation Guide: How We Rolled Out Digital Curriculum With Kiddom + EL Education

AP Whitney Green successfully rolled out a new curriculum and platform at her school – here's her step-by-step implementation plan.


Illustrative Mathematics by Kendall Hunt Now Available in Kiddom

Everything you need to know about the new Kiddom + Illustrative Mathematics by Kendall Hunt K-12 digital curriculum partnership.


Addressing Learning Loss: What to Know About the Next Round of COVID-19 Funding

How are schools and districts addressing learning loss with a lack of resources and funding? It helps to stay aware of funding opportunities.

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